Campervan's heart-stopping moment on popular scenic road

Police said the footage was a prime example of 'dangerous driving'.

A motorist's driving has been questioned by authorities after shocking footage of a campervan veering over to the other side of the road and into blind corners has emerged online.

Footage was captured by a passenger in a car traveling behind the swaying vehicle — which zig-zagged across the centreline of the road between Aramoana and Port Chalmers in New Zealand's south island.

The campervan's heart-stopping moment can be seen with the vehicle visibly over the road's centreline as it approached a blind corner.
The campervan's heart-stopping moment was captured by the car travelling behind the vehicle. Source: Otago Daily Times

Police said someone could have been seriously harmed if the campervan had collided head-on with another vehicle passing by.

‘‘I would describe this as dangerous driving, particularly with going around blind corners on the wrong side of the road in a large motor vehicle," Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said, The Otago Daily Times reported.

The video was shared on a community page on Facebook by an anonymous individual, with Sergeant Bond saying there was no report of the incident on the police system, reminding the public to contact authorities if similar behaviour is spotted.

However, the company that hired out the video has been in touch with police. Sergeant Bond told The Otago Daily Times the vehicle's registration number had been identified after the rental company contacted police who intend to track down the driver.

'Dangerous driving' not exclusive to New Zealand

There is sadly no shortage of dangerous driving in Australia, with motorists being called out and fined for their questionable acts while behind the wheel — from performing X-rated acts to speaking on video call.

It's believed up to 60 per cent of drivers use their mobile phone while driving, according to money saving website Mozo, and the consequences are deadly. Drivers who take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles their chances of crashing.

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