Aussie driver fined $1,078 for 'X-rated' act caught on camera

An Aussie motorist has left the internet reeling after he was seemingly caught in a compromising act while behind the wheel in South East Queensland.

A mobile phone detection camera captured the potentially X-rated situation which resulted in the driver being hit with a $1,078 fine.

The fine was issued due to an apparent seatbelt offence.

The picture, which has since gone viral on Facebook, appears to show the front seat passenger with their head in the driver’s lap while on the Pacific Motorway at Upper Coomera.

The photo from the speeding fine showing the driver and passenger in the vehicle.
The driver appeared to be in a compromising position while behind the wheel on the Pacific Motorway at Upper Coomera. Source: Facebook

“Nahhhh, surely not, omg,” one person wrote online, while speculation mounted over what the pair were doing.

“Imagine if that wasn’t the guy’s mrs and that fine got sent home to the wife,” another said. “What a way to get busted.”

“She got that at a weird angle,” someone else commented.

While others guessed that the passenger was taking a rest.

“Did someone fall asleep on your lap,” one person asked. “Is that what you’re being fined for?”

“Pretty sure they’re asleep lol,” another said.

Pacific Motorway at Upper Coomera.
The photo was captured on the Pacific Motorway at Upper Coomera. Source: Google Maps

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has slammed the passenger’s actions as “high risk behaviour” that could have serious consequences including the risk of death or serious injury in a crash.

A spokesperson explained that the incident would have resulted in an infringement notice and the loss of four demerits, along with the costly fine.

Earlier this year a NSW woman was caught out by a mobile phone detection camera in Queensland and hit with a $1,033, but not all was as it seemed.

Tracey was fined for using her mobile but she claims the photographic evidence only showed a shadow on her body and not her phone.

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