Delivery driver finds baby under wheel of his truck: 'Crazy'

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A shocked delivery driver spotted a baby crawling underneath his wheel — and the little girl's parents were nowhere to be seen.

In a video shared by @blacctaliban676 on TikTok the driver sees the baby under his truck while delivering packages for FedEx.

The baby is seen sitting calmly on the pavement, right next to the front tyre of the truck. The delivery driver remarks that the little girl's parents are nowhere to be found and that she is out the front of the home "all by herself".

The camera pans to the front of the home, where the garage door is wide open, when the camera comes back to the baby, she is seen crawling around the truck.

The delivery driver gets out of his car and scoops the little girl up, gently comforting her.

A delivery driver found a baby crawling under his truck. Source: TikTok/blacctaliban676
A delivery driver found a baby crawling under his truck. Source: TikTok/blacctaliban676

The man then walks through the garage and calls out to the homeowners. The door inside the garage that leads to the inside of the house is wide open.

"Hey, this baby was under my truck," he says.

A woman then comes running towards the door, she appears to be somewhat alarmed and confused at the sight of a stranger holding the child.

The delivery driver says he didn't even see the baby until after he saw a dog. He explained he then got out of the car and saw the baby under the tyres.

The woman, who appears to be the baby's mum, said she thought she had the baby secured inside.

The driver admitted he was initially scared when he saw the baby under his truck.

"It would have scared the f**k out of me too," the woman says, apologising to the delivery driver while holding the baby who is now smiling.

"I'm glad I was paying attention because if I had of backed up she would have been out of here," the delivery driver says.

Mum explains how baby got out

The woman looks stunned as she holds the baby and the delivery driver walks away. He remarks on how the baby is active and suggests keeping the door shut.

The mum explained the home was actually her mother's and she prefers to keep everything open — including the doors and windows.

The mother added she does have a playpen for the baby and that it was out on the back porch.

The driver eventually walks off back to his truck.

"Y'all be cool," he says as he is leaving. On TikTok he said the ordeal made for a "crazy" work day.

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