Fans accuse MAFS' Connie of faking her speech at final vow ceremony

Marni Dixit
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MAFS' Connie is being accused of faking her final vow speech with fans suggesting producers wrote it for her. Photo: Channel 9

Married At First Sight's Connie Crayden finally ended her romance with 'husband' Jonethen Musulin on Sunday night with a speech about self-love, but the reality star is being accused of faking the speech by viewers.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Connie's final vows, with many questioning whether she wrote them herself or if the producers forced to her to say what they wanted her to say.

During the final vows, Connie told Jonethen that she had kept him in the experiment for so long despite him saying he wanted to leave for three weeks because she was on a journey with herself.

She told him, "Although I didn't find love with you, I found something so much more important. Something so valuable. I found that I am brave, I am strong, I am confident and I am worthy. Ultimately, I've found myself."

"Standing in front of you is a confident and proud woman who now understands her worth in this world. The only love and approval I need is from myself. I became the love I was searching for, but I could never have done any of this without you."

If Connie did write the speech herself, it seems likely that she read self-love blogs and took to Pinterest for inspiration before shooting the episode.

A number of similar Pinterest posts include the same words Connie chose for the speech, however, many viewers seem to believe the producers most likely wrote the vows for her.

One viewer took to social media and wrote, "Nice work with Connie's vows, producer."

Another wrote, "It occurred to me Connie agreed [to] the narrative with the producers at the outset. They probably all did!"

Someone else said, "Hmmm wondering if the producers made Connie stay every week just so she could give that speech at the end."

Another unconvinced fan said, "The producers are reaaallly trying to sell us this Connie empowerment narrative, huh?"

Connie took to Instagram after the episode aired, sharing a photo of herself and Jonethen walking out of the ceremony hand-in-hand.

She wrote, "The most valuable lesson I learnt from this experience is the importance of self-worth. I had such low self-esteem coming into this experiment, and throughout the journey, I was trying to give my love to someone who didn't want it when in hindsight I should have been giving all that love to myself.

"Ultimately you don't find your worth in another person you find it within yourself and then you may find someone worthy of you. And always remember the only love and approval you need is from yourself."

Mishel Karen commented on the post, "My beautiful girl you are a true GODDESS... I am so grateful to be with you for your journey to self love... You won my heart and all of Australia's hearts."

MAFS' Connie and Jonethen leave the final vow ceremony hand-in-hand after choosing to go their separate ways. Photo: Channel 9

Jonethen also shared his own post, writing, "What a wild ride, I have nothing to compare this [to], it was an unexpected and unbelievable adventure,

even though it didn’t work out for us, I urge anyone out there thinking about doing something crazy or unexpected to give it a go.

"Lastly I’d like to thank Connie, I hope you find love in the future as you have so much to give, you’ll make some guy lucky I am sure of it."

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