Family of dementia sufferer who went missing reveal how they found her

The family of an elderly dementia sufferer who went missing in Melbourne has revealed how they found her quickly despite the fact she travelled more than 40 kilometres.

Joan Farago, 78, suffers from extreme short-term memory loss and is easily confused.

She went missing when she walked away from her husband, Peter, in a busy crowd at the Queen Victoria Market about midday last Saturday.

John Farago’s wife Joan went missing from Melbourne’s CBD. She has severe dementia. Source: 7 News

“We took our eyes of Joan for a minute and she’d disappeared,” Mr Farago said.

Mrs Farago continued to walk all the way to Southern Cross Station before catching a train 45 minutes to Noble Park and walking another two kilometres.

But her son, husband and Victoria Police knew where she was.

Whenever Mrs Farago leaves her house she wears a GPS tracking device around her neck.

Mrs Farago wears a GPS device when she leaves the house. Source: 7 News

“We were able to track her on an app that both her husband and her son have on their phones,” Acting Sergeant Christine Jacka said. 

But the device isn’t without its problems. When Mrs Farago went missing in busy Southern Cross Station there were a few hours where her icon wasn’t moving on the app’s map.

Her son, Steven, said the app is a good idea but only as a back-up option. 

“The device in my mind is very helpful, but it’s not fail safe a good couple of hours where she was at Southern Cross the Station and it wasn’t sending a signal,” he said.

Mr Farago and his son are happy to see the 78-year-old back home. 

“It’s a very good outcome,” Act Sgt Jacka said.

The family along with police were able to track the 78-year-old via a phone app. Source: 7 News