Fake tradies cause stir with AFL stadium stunt: 'I can't believe it'

The men faked their way into Adelaide Oval where they were able to watch the AFL Showdown for free.

A couple of blokes from South Australia have caused a stir online after claiming to bypass security and fake their way into the AFL Showdown blockbuster on the weekend.

The comedy duo Aussie and Patto, known as Be The One online, dressed up as tradies and seemingly fooled security at Adelaide Oval where they were able to enjoy Saturday's AFL Showdown between the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide for free.

Donning a couple of hi-vis shirts with matching pants, and holding a clipboard and pen, the pair filmed themselves approaching the entrance of the sporting area dressed as workmen.

"Let's see if we can get in with this," one can be heard saying in the clip later shared to TikTok and Instagram. "Biggest game of the year," one said excitedly.

Two men dressed as tradies entering gates at Adelaide Oval.
Aussie and Patto, known as Be The One online, dressed as tradies and snuck into Adelaide Oval. Source: TikTok

Filmed from afar, the pair is seen approaching the ticket gate outside the oval and appear to walk "straight through," one of them says. The video then skips to the men enjoying the views of the oval from the grandstand while tucking into a carton of hot chips.

The stunt has brought into question the level of security at the oval, however, some remain sceptical about whether or not they actually pulled it off. Some in the comments claim they could hear a ticket scanning as the men enter through the gates, suggesting they didn't get in for free as they claimed.

Aussie 'tradies' explain Adelaide Oval antics

The stunt is part of a series of videos on TikTok whereby the pair see how much they can get away with while dressed as tradies. Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, the duo said, "it all started quite small in the series, then built up eventually leading to the Showdown where we thought we'd give it a go".

Asked how they think they got away with it so easily, Aussie and Patto said, "[We] believe it was the props to the outfits which were the essential pieces, including a clipboard, rolled up piece of paper and most importantly a blue pen that matched the pants."

Social media reacts to 'amazing' stunt

The stunt amused their followers on TikTok with the video racking up over 1.2 million views in two days.

"I am absolutely convinced you can do anything if you wear hi-vis in Australia," one said. "This is amazing," said another. On Instagram someone said they "can't believe" the guys appear to have gotten away with sneaking in for free. "Absolute legends," another said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Adelaide Oval for comment.

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