Tradie's weekend stunt at Bunnings: Is he a hero or villain?

People are divided over this tradie's Bunnings protest against customers blocking the 'load and go' entrance.

A tradesman in Sydney has been hailed as “the hero we need” by his peers after getting the ultimate revenge on customers at Bunnings.

Fed up with shoppers who take advantage of the ‘load and go’ trade entry to the store in Artarmon on the lower North Shore, James Aikten took action.

“This one’s for every tradie that’s been held up during the week at Bunnings by people that use the trade entry as easy access, taking their sweet time and looking through the nursery,” he wrote on Facebook.

The row of vehicles in the 'load and go' area of Bunnings in Artarmon (left) and the ute driver blocking the vehicles in (right).
A tradesman delivered revenge when he double parked a row of vehicles at Bunnings in Sydney. Source: Facebook/James Aikten

Sharing a photo of a row of vehicles parked in the undercover area, a furious Mr Aikten explained how he got pay back.

“I double parked, blocking them all in at Artarmon Bunnings last Sunday,” he said on March 1.

He went on to add that “listening to calls over the speaker for the ute to be moved” only slowed him down.

“That just made me take my time and let them know that’s how we feel during the week when we’re trying to get work done and are held up by them,” he wrote.

He even had some help.

“Big thanks to the builder in the black ute,” Mr Aikten praised. “He saw what I did and just sat in his ute keeping the mayhem boiling along, enjoying every minute.”

An aisle in Bunnings.
Others on social media pointed out the car space outside Bunnings wasn't reserved for tradespeople. Source: AAP

‘Two wrongs don't make a right’

The post on Facebook has since gone viral, racking up thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments with many people admiring the man’s bold move.

“You legend, Australian of the Year status right there,” one person said. “You’re the hero we need, thank you,” another commented.

While others conveyed their own fury.

“All tradies have had a gutful of those entitled w***ers," one person wrote. “It’s impossible to get in there sometimes,” said another.

“Nothing like going to Bunnings to pick up 20 sheets of flooring and you’ve got to wait for Karen and hubby to load up their Venetian blind and tray of flower seedlings,” someone else wrote.

“It’s honestly the worst,” slammed another. “if they don’t have a ute or trailer/work vehicle, then no entry. Boils my p*** when I’m trying to pick up timber and there’s small hatchbacks in there.”

But some jumped in to dismiss the man’s behaviour.

“I think the way of dealing with it is a bit immature,” one woman wrote.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, mate,” another said. “What about the other tradies that were held up while you were being selfish?”

While one even pointed out that the ‘load and go’ space wasn’t only for professionals.

“It’s not reserved for trades though, it’s timber yard parking,” they said.

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