Bunnings shopper praises note left on ‘selfish’ driver’s car

A Bunnings shopper has praised a note left on a parked car at a Sydney store after discovering the piece of paper on the car's windscreen.

The vehicle was parked in a Trades and Trailer bay in the Balgowlah store's car park, in northern Sydney, which are supposed to be reserved for vehicles with trailers attached.

Presuming the driver wasn't a tradesperson, an unknown person left a handwritten note asking them not to park there.

Mazda car with note on windscreen (left) close up of hand-written note (right)
An unknown person left a note on the car asking the driver not to park in the Trades and Trailer spots. Source: Facebook

"You make it difficult for hardworking tradies. Please be communal," it said before signing off with "thanks" and a smiley face.

Another shopper spotted the note before sharing it on Facebook, saying it was a "polite" way to let somebody know.

"Vibing on this polite note left on a car that selfishly has parked in the Trades and Trailer Bay allocated in Bunnings Car Park, Balgowlah," the man posted in a Facebook group.

"Doubt it would change the person's behaviour but you never know," he added.

Debate erupts on social media

The simple act sparked a heated debate on social media as not everyone thought the note was necessary.

"Omg who has the time! Or the notebook and pen handy…..," one person questioned.

"How do you know it’s not a tradie," another put forward.

Another pointed out the empty spot right next to the parked car, suggesting there was still a bay available for a "tradie" who needed it.

Some agreed it was wrong of the car to be parked in the designated spot.

Blue Mazda car parked in Bunnings car park Trade and Trailer Bay
The driver parked in a Trades and Trailer car space which is reserved for tradespeople and those with trailers attached to their cars. Source: Facebook

"Pure laziness," one person wrote as the car spaces are often near the entrance of the store.

Another said "so many people park in those spots," suggesting even those who aren't tradies use the spots on a regular basis.

"Good on them. So many people park in those spots when all you have to do is drive down one more level and it’s usually half empty. Makes it very difficult for people with trailers to park," said another.

But making light of the gripe, one woman admitted she'd "unknowingly park there," and praised the note for "not being passive-aggressive at all".

She also said she'd happily park there if she "was doing a quick run in & out to load something big into the boot."

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Bunnings for comment.

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