Hefty fine for man's viral Sydney Harbour stunt

There is a hefty fine associated with the man's stunt.

The general rule 'look but don't touch' should be adopted when it comes to the water in Sydney Harbour — enjoy the iconic view but don't go making a splash.

Yet the man who stripped down to his undies and jumped into the harbour from the ledge of the Opera Bar didn't seem to get the memo, with his decision recorded and shared online.

Left, the man is seen mid jump into the water at Sydney Harbour with the Harbour bridge visible behind him. Right, he is climbing back over the ledge.
A man jumping into Sydney Harbour was recorded and shared on TikTok. Source: TikTok/FutureTravellers

The short clip had the internet reeling and the comment section quickly filled with reminders that the water is "shark infested" and "dangerous", while a TikToker suggested another possible deterrent for those considering to follow the man's behaviour.

Hefty fine could befall any who jump into Sydney Harbour

The TikToker claimed the swimmer, who is believed to be his friend acting on a "bet", was slapped with a $10,000 fine after security approached him after the stunt.

The man is seen in a subsequent video surrounded by three security officers and two police officers while one appears to be issuing him a fine.

The man can be surrounded by police and security officers.
The man was met by security and police officers after his he emerged from the water. Source: TikTok/FutureTravellers

However, the fine amount seems to have been exaggerated. The maximum penalty for jumping into the harbour is actually $1,100 — although NSW Police confirmed with Yahoo News Australia the penalty notices issued in these incidents are rarely the maximum amount allowable by the legislation, which reads: "A person must not swim to and enter the Opera House premises".

Police were unable to confirm what penalty fine amount the man in the video was issued.

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