Entire Neighbourhoods Buried By Record Snowfall In Canada

Sarah Turnnidge

Canada’s government has said military reserves may be called in to help after entire neighbourhoods were buried by a record-breaking snow storm. 

A state of emergency has been declared in St John’s, the capital of Newfoundland, after the blizzard dumped up to 76.2cm onto the city alongside wind gusts of 81mph. 

The snowfall was an all-time record for the day for St. John’s International Airport, which has been closed. 

Thousands of people have been left without power in freezing temperatures, and Canada’s federal government has now mobilised to help the stricken province, helping to dig out citizens who have been trapped in their homes. 

The nation’s prime minster Justin Trudeau said help was “on its way”. 

For many households it’s proven to be a struggle just to get out the front door, with drifts piling up against homes and in some cases entirely blocking access:

Or their garages for that matter: 

In some cases, the snow was so deep that residents were forced to dig tunnels or deep trenches just to be able to get in and out of their own homes: 

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