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Drunk passenger rages after flight crew inject him with glucose

This is the moment a drunk man who fell asleep on a plane and was injected with glucose when he would not wake up smashes up the aircraft after suddenly turning violent.

The man was eventually restrained by Federal Police in Brazil.

In footage that is making the rounds on social media, the unnamed man, seen wearing a white shirt and a purple cap, breaks his folding table while kicking the chairs around him as airline staff and police look on.

Flight 1556 CGH – REC was operated by Gol Intelligent Airlines and left the city of Sao Paolo before landing in Recife on August 14.

The passenger breaking his folding table as others on the flight try to calm him down.
The passenger can be seen breaking his folding table as others on the flight try to calm him down. Source: CEN/Australscope

According to passengers from the flight, crew members grew concerned after noticing that the man was completely unconscious. Federal Police would later confirm that the man was inebriated.

With the help of a doctor, who reportedly diagnosed him with an alleged alcoholic coma, members of the crew injected a dose of glucose into the man’s veins. He then woke up and proceeded to break things around him.

According to an official statement from the airline, the man was restrained by crew members along with federal officers.

“All actions and procedures adopted by the company were taken with a focus on the safety of stewards and customers,” GOL Airlines told Daily Mail.

The passenger kicking the seats in front of him on the flight.
The man has hit out at the airline, claiming the crew 'stuck the needle' in his arm without his consent. Source: CEN/Australscope

According to health experts, glucose injections are given to diabetes patients who have passed out and occasionally by paramedics and nursing staff to people with alcohol intoxication in emergency situations.

Local media reports state that the passenger has since uploaded a video to social media protesting that the needle was stuck in his arm without his consent.

“They stuck the needle in me without my knowing it,” he reportedly said.

In an official statement, the Federal Police said the man was from the town of Coronel Fabriciano in Brazil and had exposed the aircraft to danger while preventing air navigation. It's unclear if he has been charged.

The incident comes after a woman was arrested for deploying a plane's emergency slide and “running wild” on the runway at a New York airport.


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