'I hope someone got fired': Drivers stumped by confusing intersection

Olivia Lambert
·News Editor

A baffling road marking at a busy Melbourne intersection could have dangerous consequences with drivers confused as to which way they can turn.

A three-lane road on Montague Street where it intersects Normanby Road in the inner city suburb of Southbank has an option for drivers in the far right lane to turn right.

Drivers in the middle lane can only continue straight, while those in the far left turn can go straight or turn left.

But according to 3AW’s Rumour File, a marking was accidentally painted on the arrow pointing straight in the far left lane, indicating drivers could either continue straight or turn right.

What was meant to be added to the arrow was a marking indicating that drivers could turn left.

The incorrect marking in the left lane indicates drivers can turn right. Source: Supplied
The incorrect marking in the left lane indicates drivers can turn right. Source: Supplied

Instead the marking would confuse drivers into thinking they could turn right in front of drivers in the middle lane, who can only continue going straight and have no option to turn.

“It wasn’t photoshopped, it was actually real!” a listener told the Ross and John breakfast program on Thursday morning.

“They fixed it last night. They’ve painted the right turn bit black and put the other bit on the left-hand side so nobody can be confused.”

On an image of the massive fail posted to Reddit, people reacted saying it was a major stuff-up.

“I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder,” one said.

According to 3AW, the incorrect road marking was painted after a water main burst last week.

South East Water told Yahoo News Australia in a statement crews responded to the burst water pipe on January 15.

“We completed a road reinstatement after the repairs on the day and our remediation contractor repainted the road markings on Tuesday 21 January,” the statement said.

“Unfortunately, one of the lane markings was incorrectly painted. Our crews have been on site this morning and have corrected the road marking.

“We’re sorry for the mistake and any inconvenience it has caused.”

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