Driver's note on car window pleads with thieves: 'Please leave my car alone'

The WA resident stuck a sign to her car window in the hope she could deter thieves and avoid further debt.

A motorist has left a note in her car window pleading with thieves to think twice before breaking into her vehicle, sharing she is already in debt and couldn't possibly afford her car being broken into again.

The handwritten message, spotted in Port Hedland on WA's remote northwest coast, was stuck to the driver's window in an attempt to deter thieves from robbing her.

The note in the car window can be seen with yellow tape stuck on the sides.
The note in the car window was left in attempt to discourage thieves from breaking into the motorist's car. Source: Facebook/WAIncidentAlerts

To discourage thieves from targeting her vehicle, the note also suggested they look for a car that "looks like they can afford it".

The car owner posted the note online in the hope her message would be received far and wide.

It read: "Please leave my car alone there is nothing of value in here. I'm already in debt from break-ins where nothing was stolen."

Mixed reaction to note on social media

The response to the note and subsequent social media post was mixed, with some criticising the car owner for encouraging thieves to break into other cars while others said "it makes sense" since her sign indicates she has already been targeted.

One woman shared the car owner was not alone in using this tactic to deter thieves from breaking into her vehicle, sharing she had written a note like this before.

"I once left a similar note for people ‘borrowing’ my car," the comment read. "I said that I was a single mother and couldn’t afford to buy petrol."

In 2021 over 190,000 motor vehicles were broken into by thieves across the country, according to Insurance Business, with a "passenger vehicle" stolen approximately even 11 minutes.

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