Drivers face $441 fine for licence plate mistake - but can you see it?

There is an issue with this number plate and it could see the driver cop a $441 fine but can you figure out what it is?

Queensland Transport and Main Roads posed that question to people on Facebook on Thursday.

"What's wrong with this picture?" the department wrote.

Needless to say, the quiz had readers scratching their heads.

“Nothing, no more eligible than some of the new plates being issued,” one man wrote.

A number plate is pictured with a tow bar.
A number plate is pictured with a tow bar.

There were some suggestions the number plate is a fake or unregistered but this is not the case.

One man suggested there is nothing wrote and it is "totally fine".

Others offered some joking responses.

“Someone stole their trailer?” one man wrote.

Another man jokingly responded that the tow bar isn’t wearing a face mask.

However, a number of people were able to point out the real issue with the number plate.

It reads: “680 VDB” but in the photo you cannot clearly see the “V”.

“If your tow bar's blocking the view of your rear number plate (when it's not in use) you could cop a $441 fine,” the department wrote.

“Legible number plates are essential for accurate identification of vehicles—which is important for tracing stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in crime or traffic incidents like red light and speed camera offences.”

The department also reminded people that keeping a number plate visible includes cleaning it if dirt is obstructing police or authorities from being able to read it.

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