Motorists rage over 'unreasonable' road rule

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Motorists are fuming over an 'unreasonable' road rule which can result in loss of driver’s licence and fines of $1000.

WA Police have reminded drivers that the speed limit doesn't change when overtaking other vehicles, causing outrage amongst motorists who think there should be some leeway. 

The warning comes after a man was caught doing 182km/h in a 110km zone to overtake several cars. 

According to the ABC, the man had his licence suspended for six months and was slapped with a $1000 fine.  

A graphic from Transport WA showing a blue car about to overtake a car towing a a caravan with a 100km speed sign on the left.
The road rule sparked a heated debate among motorists. Source: Transport WA

“People can’t just take it on their own regard to exceed that speed limit,” WA Police Traffic Sergeant Derek Grimes said.

“Drivers need to remember that the posted speed limit whether you’re overtaking or not is exactly that, that’s the speed limit and that’s the maximum speed you can do."

Motorists slam the rule

The image sparked debate, with many drivers calling it "absolute stupidity". 

"I am a very safe driver, with no demerit points, and a great supporter of speed limits in general, but this must be the most idiotic and dangerous rule in the book," one Facebook user wrote.

"Yep! Absolute Stupidity!" agreed another. "Imagine 100kms zone, car going at 95kms - you’d have to crawl past at 100kms - yeah really safe."

'I think it's unreasonable not to allow vehicles to reach 130 for the VERY short period it takes to overtake," another chimed in.

Transport WA presented the scenario via Facebook earlier in the year, posting an image of an overtaking lane, asking: "Can the blue car exceed the posted speed limit to overtake the grey car towing a caravan?"

"ANSWER: No, the blue car can't exceed the speed limit to overtake the caravan," they wrote.

"It's illegal to exceed the speed limit when overtaking a vehicle or cyclist. 

"Overtaking can be dangerous. It’s important to be courteous and patient to other drivers. Allow others to overtake you (without speeding up) and have the patience to wait until you can overtake safely (without breaking the speed limit)."

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