Why drivers are confused about this Aussie intersection

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

If varying speed limits cause you a bit of grief, good luck figuring out what’s going on at this Canberra intersection.

Drivers on Flemington Road in the Australian Capital Territory were left scratching their heads as they tried to figure out what speed they should be travelling, with three different limits on display within just 100 metres.

A photo captured on the busy thoroughfare shows a 40, 60 and 70 km/h sign along a stretch of roadworks.

Dozens of Reddit users tried their hand at deciphering the situation, with one man saying it gives you free reign to “choose your own adventure”.

This Flemington Road intersection in the ACT had drivers baffled as to what speed they should be travelling. Image: Reddit/Drinkpimp

“I would go with the highest speed posted. You would need dash cam footage to defend yourself.”

“Jesus Christ it gets worse by the day. I want to follow the rules, I really do. Meet us half way here, road-worker supervisors,” one fed up motorist wrote.

Another suggested that it’s “40 in the right lane and 60 for the left lane until the 70 sign”.

Others were more skeptical that it was a ploy to sting confused drivers with a speeding fine.

“Given the conflicting road rules and signage, it’s almost like they are deliberately confusing drivers to fine them,” another user suggested.

“You have 3 choices – go 40 and be tailgated by Karen in her Audi. Go 60 and be aggressively tailgated by Damo in his Nissan Navara, or, Go 70 and get fined for doing 30 over the “limit” in a roadworks zone,” another user joked.

Yahoo7 News has contacted the ACT Government Council for clarification.