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Driver's astonishing act after colliding with P-plater: 'Quite shocked'

A woman has pleaded with her community to help find the "thoughtless" driver that collided with her teenage son before driving off.

The woman from Canberra said her 18-year-old son was driving along Parkes Way towards Queanbeyan on Wednesday at 6.50 am, and when he stopped at a roundabout to give way, the ute smashed into his behind.

A photo posted on Facebook shows the smashed-up Mazda 3 which had red P-plates attached. The worried mum said the driver of the ute didn't even stop to see if her son was ok, or exchange details, he simply "angrily blared his horn and kept going".

Smashed Mazda 3 with red P-plate driver.
The driver of the Mazda 3 was an 18-year-old P-plater whose car was smashed up after the incident. Source: Facebook

The woman said her son was "quite shocked" and "didn’t really know how to proceed" after the driver drove away. In an attempt to find the person responsible, the woman asked members of the community group if anyone had witnessed the accident. At first, she described the vehicle as a black Hilux, but later confirmed it had a "white cab with steel/aluminium canopy".

Dashcam footage captures accident

Dashcam footage provided to her by another driver captures the moment on camera, showing exactly how the accident unfolded. The Mazda 3 can be seen stopped at the roundabout entrance and instead of slowing down, the white ute behin accelerates into the car, nudging it forward.

The mum said she reported the accident to the police along with the dashcam footage but has had no luck tracking down the driver.

Dashcam footage showing white ute and silver Mazda at roundabout.
A driver passing by captured the accident on their dashcam. Source: Facebook

'Shocking' act by ute driver slammed

Many who saw the mum's plea noted the ute looks like a Triton and not a Hilux as suspected. Dozens more offered words of encouragement for the young driver, and advice on what to do next.

"The other car may be damaged and go to panel beaters also," one said, suggesting the mum and son keep an eye out.

"Possible that the guy was on his way to work using a regular route so I'd recommend parking up alongside the [road] tomorrow and waiting for a match to drive past around the same time as the incident," suggested another.

Others criticised the driver of the ute for driving off. "That is shocking," one fumed.

"I hope that someone can help you with finding out about the idiot that done the damage to your son's car and hope that your son is alright," said another.

"Hope your son is not too shaken, other driver needs finding, thoughtless idiot," wrote third.

ACT Police declined to comment.

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