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Aussie parking inspector accused of 'illegal' act – but is it?

A Melbourne man filmed a parking inspector seemingly breaking the law when he was parked across a driveway in the inner suburb of Prahran.

A video shared by Seven News shows the council worker standing on the footpath on a residential street issuing a fine for a parked car.

Another white vehicle, which the man filming suggests belongs to the parking inspector, was parked curb side just like the car behind it. However, the council worker's car is stopped across the driveway of someone's home which is generally a fineable offence in Australia.

White car parked across driveway with parking inspector issuing fine.
The parking inspector in Melbourne was parked across a driveway while issuing someone else a parking fine. Source: Jacqui Felgate/Instagram via Seven News

"Across the driveway?" the man says loudly in the video which was reportedly shared on Instagram by Jacqui Felgate on the weekend, but no longer appears on the page.

The inspector can be heard responding to the man and appears to say, "I’m giving a ticket". No other explanation was given. Although the man filming appears to have thought the council worker was in the wrong, in this case he wasn't, the inspector's employee explained.

"The Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Rule 307) advises authorised officers are exempt from restrictions on stopping and parking provided the driver takes reasonable care and is in the performance of their duties," a spokesperson for Stonnington Council told Yahoo News Australia.

"The City of Stonnington is satisfied that the officer in question has complied with the Road Safety Road Rules," they added.

Queensland council worker issued parking fine

It comes after a Queensland council worker was issued a fine for breaking one of their own parking rules. A picture shared on Facebook in September shows a silver hatchback with a Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) logo illegally parked on the grass in front of a property just north of Brisbane.

According to parking guidelines in the area, "it is illegal to park on a verge, or to park on the footpath verge", a council spokesperson said.

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