Driver forced to tow ute submerged under water on Aussie beach

Footage of a driver’s ute fully engulfed underwater at a popular Aussie beach has people wondering how the owner got in such a dire predicament. The white Toyota Hilux was spotted having a “gourmet car wash” off the coast of Mandurah in Western Australia over the weekend.

Left: The Toyota Hilux ute is barely visible under the water in Mandurah with the caption 'someone missing a ute?'. Right is the car in the water from a swimmer's view.
The white Toyota Hilux was engulfed by water off the coast of Mandurah over the weekend. Source: The Bell Tower Times/Instagram

A video, posted online by The Bell Tower Times, shows the roof of the car barely visible in the ocean, several metres from shore. Bystanders are then filmed coming to the rescue, with an Izuzu driver eventually yanking the ute out of the water and onto the sand.

“Nice salt exfoliation there,” the Bell Tower Times said in its Instagram caption, prompting numerous responses from amused and stunned locals.

“Put it in some rice. She’ll be right,” one person joked, as others said they wouldn’t be surprised if the car was posted on Facebook Marketplace soon.

“For sale… just been washed inside and out,” someone commented. “Should have left it, could have been the best new snorkel spot,” another suggested.

The Izuzu pulling the white Toyota ute from the water as bystanders watch on.
An Izuzu pulled the white Toyota ute from the water as bystanders watched on. Source: The Bell Tower Times/Instagram

Tourist's desperate plea after 'idiotic' act

In late December, a tourist’s desperate plea for help following a “dumb” act left Aussies rolling their eyes.

A group of people in a 4WD reportedly attempted to drive to a shipwreck resting on tidal flats at Magnetic Island when the car became bogged in the mud and submerged underwater as the tide rolled back in.

“Is there anybody around that can help or know someone that can retrieve a vehicle from the beach in Cockle Bay,” the person asked on a local Facebook group. “We completely bogged it and yes we are absolute idiots for trying to drive up the sand, but we urgently need to get the vehicle out.”

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