Tourist’s desperate plea after ‘idiotic’ act at popular Aussie holiday island

The driver admitted that they were "absolute idiots" for attempting the feat on the popular island.

Aussies have been left rolling their eyes after a tourist issued a desperate plea for help following a “dumb” act that left them in serious strife.

The group in a 4WD, are thought to have attempted to drive to a shipwreck resting on tidal lands. They became bogged in the mud and as the tide came back in, the situation quickly escalated until the car was completely submerged.

While the SS City of Adelaide shipwreck on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland is accessible at low tide by foot, vehicles are prohibited on the tidal lands and those caught ignoring the rules face tough penalties and on-the-spot fines.

The 4WD became bogged in thick as the tide started to come in before it became completely submerged.
The 4WD became bogged as the tide started to come in. Source: Facebook

“Is there anybody around that can help or know someone that can retrieve a vehicle from the beach in Cockle Bay,” the person asked on a local Facebook group. “We completely bogged it and yes we are absolute idiots for trying to drive up the sand but we urgently need to get the vehicle out.”

Aussies left scratching heads over driver's move

“There's a very good reason why nobody does this,” one social media user pointed out. “Firstly due to it being off limits & secondly the deep mud. Needless to say, it ended how you expected.”

“It’s not even a beach, why would someone believe they could drive on that?” asked one Aussie. “Do dumb things win dumb prizes,” added another.

Popular tourist destination

The SS City of Adelaide is a popular tourist destination on the island. The ship met its demise in 1916 and now rests in the shallows of Cockle Bay.

At low tide, it’s possible to walk all the way out to explore the magnificent structure as the water rushes out and leaves the wreck sitting completely out of the water.

“However, watch the soft, sinking mud,” warns the island’s tourism department.

Crackdown on Queensland beaches

Earlier this year Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) cracked down on 'irresponsible' drivers on Queensland beaches by ramping up fines for a host of offences. It comes after five fatal crashes on beaches controlled by QPWS since 2013, one of which was on Bribie Island.

“While most drivers and riders do the right thing while visiting these places, sadly we have seen the tragic consequences of irresponsible motorists including fatalities and significant injuries," Manager of QPWS Compliance Optimisation Michael Devery said.

Driving without due care and attention imposes a $575 fine and a loss of three demerit points.

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