Driver's early morning McDonald's drive-through fail costs them $800

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A P-plater has been slapped with a charge considerably higher than expected during an early-morning McDonald’s run.

Instead of handing over $11.40 for a large Big Mac meal at the Tarneit restaurant, just outside Melbourne, the 22-year-old was slapped with a fine of $838 after police spotted something off about their car.

The dark-coloured Honda was discovered to be unregistered when police inspected it in the drive-thru about 3am, and it was also missing a rear bumper bar.

Police spotted the driver in a Victorian McDonald's drive-thru at 3am. Source: Facebook/Eyewatch - Wyndham Police Service Area

In a post to the Facebook page for the Wyndham Police Service Area, the reason for the driver’s poor choice was revealed.

“When asked why the car was unregistered the driver stated - 'I just wanted a Big Mac’,” the post read.

Fines for cars deemed unroadworthy

While there is no specific fine for not having a rear or front bumper in Victoria, police can hand out a $396 fine if they deem a vehicle to not comply with roadworthiness standards, according to VicRoads.

In NSW, drivers can be hit with a $110 charge and two demerit points if their car doesn’t meet roadworthy standards, and in Tasmania they could face a $159 fine.

The driver blamed their behaviour on their craving for a Big Mac. Source: File/Getty Images

According to laws in Queensland, drivers could be fined $126 if their vehicle is unroadworthy, and a host of infringement notices could apply in the ACT if a car is deemed unsafe or unroadworthy.

The same applies in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where fines for not meeting vehicle standards are not clear but the outlines for essential safety components for vehicles are.

It is safe to assume that any vehicle with missing or incorrect components would at least be grounds for getting pulled over.

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