Driver pays $1500 to send 'very Aussie' message with number plates

The elderly Australian traveller says he gets plenty of compliments when he pulls into caravan parks.

A simple number plate combination on a SUV and camper trailer has been putting smiles on Aussies faces, with the driver deciding his "clever idea" was too good to let pass him by.

Perth man Wayne, 72, initially got his small camper trailer with work and decided to take his goodbyes one step further by personalising it's number plate to 'CEEEYAH'. However, after buying his new SUV he thought it would be well teamed with a greeting at the front.

"I had a small camper trailer and I ended up thinking I might put a personalised plate on there. Then when I bought the Subaru Forester and the bigger camper trailer I changed the other number plate over too," he told Yahoo News. "A plate with Gid Aye on it is very Aussie and in the end I thought, 'Hey, that would match the one on the back of the camper',".

His SUV number plate reads 'GID AYE' (left) with the camper trailer plate reading 'CEEEYAH'.
Wayne's 'impressive' number plates have made Aussies smile during his travels. Source: Supplied

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Drivers 'impressed' by number plates

Wayne enjoys travelling and has found the number plates are often the reason why conversations are started with strangers.

"I go into the caravan parks and people quite often remark, 'Oh, I like your G'day number plate' and I say, 'have a look at the matching one on the back of the camper'. They're always pretty impressed," he said.

Both sets of number plates cost him $750.

Humorous plates spotted around Australia

Last month another Western Australia driver caught sight of a number plate on a Ford Range ute that read '1H8EPPL' and people online found it incredibly relatable, with one woman commenting, "me too mate".

There have been other number plates spotted which reveal "naughty" hidden meanings, such as one on a Kia Sportage which reads '370HSSV'. It appears innocent at first until eagle-eyed motorists realised it reads a more confronting word when flipped upside down.

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