Driver baffled over angry note left on windscreen at car park: 'How dare you'

The Aussie motorist took to social media to share his confusion over nine little words scribbled on the piece of paper.

Most Aussie drivers will have a tale to share when it comes to road rage. People often quarrel about speed, overtaking and in particular, when it comes to parking.

Lately we've seen issues arise over motorists parking in accessibility bays when they shouldn't, arguments about who has the right to park in electric vehicle spots and, pretty much everything else you can imagine in between.

It's also not uncommon for "passive aggressive" or even downright "rude" hand-written notes to appear on the windscreens of vehicles, with others accusing them of wrongdoing. Such was the case this week, when one Aussie man returned to his car to find quite the strongly-worded letter on the windscreen of his Mitsubishi Pajero.

A handwritten note on the windscreen of a Mitsubishi driver, beside an image of the two cars parked beside each other. The Hyundai has crossed the white line.
A man has shared the angry note he received, apparently accusing him of parking to close to another car, despite being within his own white lines. Source: Facebook

Man's confusion after note plastered to windscreen

"I'm the car on the right, the white Mitsubishi," the man began. "This was left for me," he said, uploading a photo of the note beside an image of his park.

In the photo, a Hyundai is seen parked beside the Mitsubishi, having crossed the white line between the two spots, appearing to be very close to it.

"You're a f*ckwit, park closer next time w*nker," the note reads, apparently accusing him of parking too close to another car. But online, Aussies disagreed.

"What a douche," one person said in response. "Should’ve punched his mirrors off," another joked.

"How dare you be within the lines!" said a woman. "I’d have flipped it over and written 'says the dude who parked on the line," a fourth said, suggesting the note may have come from the Hyundai.

'Learn to park' cards that are available to buy online.
Handy little cards like these are available online, one Aussie pointed out, in the event a person should find themselves in need. Source: Facebook

Aussies air their own theories

Some wondered whether it was perhaps the owner of another vehicle not pictured who the left behind the angry piece of paper.

"What about the car on the other side?" one person said. "Maybe it was the black car on the other side that left the note. Looks like you're close to the line on that side," another person suggested.

Another social media user helpfully pointed towards a product available to buy online that might help out in these types of situations.

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