Driver cops angry note for parking in affluent Aussie suburb: 'You don't live here'

Some Sydney residents have hit out at 'entitled temporary outsiders' in an ugly battle triggered over a seemingly innocuous park.

An angry note left on a car parked on a public street has sparked debate about parking etiquette in quiet residential areas with some agreeing with the disgruntled author that "temporary outsiders" should think twice before parking outside other people's homes.

A local who claims she parked her car legally on Mount Street, Coogee in Sydney for two days was taken aback to find a letter left on her windscreen when she returned to her vehicle. "Please move your car. This is not a parking lot. You do not live in this street!" the note read.

"For the person who wrote this lovely messages, I do live in a Coogee?" the confused resident shared online with her local community alongside a photo of the note. "I cannot believe this is still happening in 2024."

Left image is of the note on the parked car. Right image of cars along Mount Street in Coogee.
The local woman could not believe someone had left such a note on her parked car. Source: Facebook/Google Earth

Resident labelled 'entitled' for leaving note

The street has no signs or time limits for parking which was pointed out by many. "WTF is it with crazy people who think you can't park on a public street? I get this where I work, people have driveways big enough for two or three cars but God help you if you park out the front of their place," one exclaimed.

"What street is it? I might park there and leave my parking space empty," another said as a way to get back at the "entitled" resident.

However, there were many who defended the note writer, saying they too would leave similar notes, and believe it is the car owner who is "entitled".

"I'd leave notes like this," one said. "Why should entitled temporary outsiders feel the need to park outside my house for hours at a time".

"The area has a huge problem with dumped cars, we have one at the front of ours, council will now need to sort out. You could have left a note explaining why its been left there and when you will move it," another reasoned.

Drivers share similar angry notes from homeowners about street parking

Others responded with photos of notes left on their parked cars in Coogee and surrounding suburbs, seemingly showing a trend of angry residents monitoring the cars in the area.

"I copped this note and a slashed tyre in Randwick," one claimed alongside a photo of a note that read "You don’t live here! You don’t park here! Simple!"

More images of notes found on cars were shared with one saying "Do not park here you c**t," and another reading "You are beginning to take liberties, you don’t live here. Park elsewhere."

Sydney's east is not the only area riddled with angry notes, with instances like this popping up across the country. One Queensland woman recently worried she would receive a parking fine after residents left a scathing note on her parked car.

"Neighbourhood watch," it was titled. "Please be mindful that you have parked in a four-hour only zone. The area is regularly policed due to airport security and you are likely to receive an infringement notice. Details have been recorded of your vehicle."

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