Fed-up driver’s drastic move to curb 'atrocious' parking

'The cards are a light-hearted and humorous way to spread awareness,' he told Yahoo News.

Few circumstances infuriate a driver more than finding a shocking parking job impacting the other cars around them.

Ryan O'Daly, sick of seeing just this, has taken matters into his own hands by going so far as to purchase laminated cards to leave on the windscreen of cars parked in such a way.

"Learn to park. You accidentally parked like an a**hole. Get the help you need before becoming the s**thead everyone hates," the black and orange cards read.

Image of the card left on windscreen of a car parked on an angle almost on the line in a car space.
Ryan bought the pre-made cards on eBay to use when he sees 'atrocious' parking. Source: TikTok

Ryan, who drives a lot for work, told Yahoo News Australia he purchased the cards from eBay. "I see a lot of atrocious parking jobs," he said. "The cards are a light-hearted and humorous way to spread awareness — and they are reusable!"

While he sees many less-than-perfect parks, he admits he doesn't get the card out too often. "Just when the right opportunity presents itself," he said — like on Saturday when he filmed a dark silver car parked at an angle in Modbury, Adelaide with its front almost on the line leaving little room for anyone on that side to get in and out of the driver seat.

Image of the orange and black 'learn to park' card Ryan leaves after bad parking.
Ryan recently left a card on one windscreen after coming across their inadequate parking job. Source: TikTok

He shared a video of the park along with him putting the card on its windscreen. People impressed by his card asked where they could get them from. "I need these for real," another added.

One did defend the silver car though, saying it was "still in the lines".

Notes often left for parked cars in Aussie cities

While a pre-made card is not common, there are many instances of drivers coming to find angry notes left on their windscreen due to where or how they have parked — with some more warranted than others.

On Monday, a local resident legally parked on a street in Coogee was taken aback to find a note left on her windscreen when she returned to her vehicle. "Please move your car. This is not a parking lot. You do not live in this street!" the note read. And, in January, a dark grey Mazda was seen parked with a note under its windscreen wiper with the note reading:

"Many three year olds have trouble staying within the lines. Maybe if you practise colouring this turtle, it will help with your parking."

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