'Don't do this in Australia': British expat shares top mistakes tourists make

A British expat living in Queensland has shared three things tourists shouldn't do when visiting Australia.

A British expat has sent tourists a stern warning, listing the top three things they should never do when in Australia.

Known as That British Girl online, Queensland radio host Jordan Grace took to Instagram to share her experience of life in Australia and the lessons she’s learned.

“Number one, don’t complain about how hot it is,” she told her followers. “We all know Australia's hot. It’s half a mile from the surface of the sun, that’s why it takes so long to fly here.”

Jordan Grace in her video.
Jordan Grace urged tourists not to complain about the heat, saying it wouldn't 'go down well' with Aussies. Source: Instagram

Jordan went on to say it wouldn’t “go down well” with Aussies if all tourists did was complain about the heat.

“Just ignore the boob sweat, smile and carry on,” she encouraged. “If you’re feeling really hot, just do what we do and hang out in the freezer aisle at the supermarkets.”

The Sunshine Coast woman's second rule was to never ask where the nearest Starbucks is, explaining that it would be an insult to Australians.

“Australia invented the beloved flat white,” Jordan said. “Don’t disrespect the great coffee culture here and basically ask for sugar dirt water.”

She recommended that tourists “just ask an Aussie” where they get their favourite coffee from in order to find a good one.

While Jordan’s third guideline came down to basic beach safety.

“Don’t swim outside the flags,” she warned followers. “The sea in Australia is a beautiful beast, gorgeous, but the people who get into the most trouble in the water are tourists.”

She added that the lifeguards “aren’t just there to be pretty.”

“They’re there to help you swim safely,” she said. “So swim between the flags because you don’t want them yelling at you.”

Her warning echoes that of Surf Life Saving Australia who ahead of Australia Day have reminded people about the dangers of swimming outside the flags. There have been 48 drownings in Australian waterways this summer with most of them occurring on the coast.

Jordan Grace in her video with surf life savers in the background.
The Queensland radio host's second rule involved beach safety and swimming between the flags. Source: Instagram

‘Only the locals are allowed to complain’

Jordan’s top tips have been given the seal of approval from Aussies online.

“Only the locals are allowed to say ‘it’s too bloody hot’,” one person wrote. “I’m an Aussie and complain if the mercury drops below 25,” another said.

While someone else asked “why would you drink Starbucks when you can have a little taste of heaven from anywhere else?”

But others were quick to agree with Jordan’s beach safety messages.

“Seriously don’t go into the water at unpatrolled beaches,” one user wrote. “Half of all drownings in Australia are tourists. People just do not appreciate the dangers of the surf.”

“Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap,” said another.

“All great tips,” someone else said. “Read them, observe them, take note of them and obey them.”

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