British expat shocked by ‘insane’ cost of Woolworths grocery shop

The UK man living in Melbourne was disappointed how little he got for $60 at Woolworths.

A young UK man living in Melbourne was astounded with how little $61.90 got him in groceries, asking for saving tips from Aussies.

Financial advisor Ryan King said his very basic shop at Woolies consisted of chicken, fruit, vegetables, condiments, flour and bread — and all for too big of a price.

The 25-year-old baffled Londoner took a video of his haul and went through the cost of each item.

"So for a bit of context, I've not got a huge amount of stuff," he said on TikTok. "I would normally get more meat, maybe like rice pasta potatoes and dips and sauces. So this might be like 60 percent of a food shop."

One photo of a man's grocery haul from Woolies. Another photo of the man from London living in Melbourne, posing for a photo.
A young financial advisor from London, living in Melbourne, was shocked by how much a basic grocery haul in Woolies cost him. Source: TikTok/Instagram

Going through some of the highlights, he explained that two onions were $2.19, four bananas were $3.25 and the "big hitter" was 1.4 kilograms of chicken at $14.65.

"Soy sauce $7.50, feel a bit mugged off there — should of got a cheaper brand."

"If any Australians are watching and have any hacks on how to get better or cheaper food, please let me know as this is quite expensive."

Aussies offer UK man grocery tips

Many in the comments section of the TikTok agreed grocery prices were "through the roof" at the moment.

"The cost for basic products and groceries is insane in Australia," one person said.

"Food shopping in Aus is so expensive compared to the UK because a lot of our produce is locally produced," another claimed.

When it came to hacks, most suggested to shop at Aldi or find a local food market.

"Aldi is cheaper and you if you can find a local market you can get cheap fruit and vege boxes," one person said.

"You’re in Melbourne? Check out the Vic Markets — you can get heaps for relatively cheap," another said.

"Shop at Aldi first and then go to Coles or Woolworths for anything else," a third person said. Others also recommended to "buy what’s in season and shop the specials".

Supermarket giants campaign to ease financial pressures

A spokesman for Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia the retailer "will continue to work hard" when it comes to addressing the "cost-of-living pressures (that) are being felt by Australian families".

Both Coles and Woolies implemented price-freezing promotions last year to ease some of the financial pain as most prices steadily rose. Woolworths ended its campaign at the end of December, while Coles this week announced it would extend the promotion. "While the Price Freeze program has come to an end, we remain focussed on maximising value for our customers, and many of the products from the program currently remain at the same low price," the Woolworths spokesman said.

"We will continue to review each cost increase request from our suppliers on a case-by-case basis, working together to sensitively manage market-wide inflationary pressures.

Food inflation spiked 8.3 per cent at Woolworths and 8 per cent at Coles, for the July-to-September quarter last year. For the previous quarter, it hit 5.6 per cent for Woolworths and 5.5 for Coles, research from investment bank UBS showed.

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