Mum saves $80 on one shop with Woolworths hack: 'I had no idea'

A Queensland woman has shared her creative hacks to get cheaper groceries at Woolies, claiming to have saved $80 the other day.

Mother of five Kate Rampal said using a Woolworths SIM card for her mobile has been key to her savings and she said it is a great benefit given that she has children aged between one and 10, who "eat all the time".

"TikTok mamas, I saved a fortune on my groceries today and I'm going to give you a few little hacky hacks and tell you how, because it's f***ing expensive out there," she said.

A photo of a woman talking. Another photo of the outside of Woolworths.
A Queensland mum has shared creative hacks to get cheaper groceries at Woolworths. Source: TikTok/Getty

"Step one: you're going to grab yourself a Woolworths mobile SIM card. This is going to save you money because it's not on a shitty plan that has crappy inclusions. They're actually really decent and it's pay as you go, so you're not going to put yourself into debt on a crappy plan."

The SIM card gives customers 10 per cent off every month for one shop, which is particularly useful when doing a big haul and can save customers up to $50 a month.

"So if you save that code for a week when you do a big pantry top-up — grab the nappies, grab those extras, cleaning products, whatever it might be — it works," Ms Rampal said.

"It says up to $500 but I just did one slightly over $500 and it still gave me the full 10 percent off."

Rival supermarket Coles also offers 10 per cent off for one shop per month, with their SIM card plan, for the first six months.

After getting the Woolies SIM card, Ms Rampal recommends also buying a discounted gift card, which "gives you a further saving of four percent, making your total savings 14 percent."

"Once you have that grocery total after your 10 per cent off, you're then going to log back into your Woolworths mobile account, because that's going to give you access to discounted gift cards," Ms Rampal said. "And before you've even shopped specials, you'll save some money." She also added that her Woolworths insurance has been an additional money-saver. She claims to have got $80 off one grocery shop based on all her accumulated tips and tricks.

"Being able to save $80, like I did today, is a huge difference,' Ms Rampal said. "We all know that groceries right now are ridiculously expensive, so I hope I helped you save some money today."

Social media users react to neat Woolies hacks

The comments section of the video was positive, with people appreciating the useful tips and also offering their own.

"This was actually really helpful," one person said.

"I had no idea," professed one viewer.

"I think you can also pay for a rewards account and get these as well as 10% off at Big W once a month," said another. To which the woman responded with "Yes! I’ve heard this! Need to get on that".

A third person offered a hack that's useful for seniors too. "I've been doing this for two years now," they said. "Buying the gift card through NSW seniors card gives you 5% off +10% Woolies mobile discount. (So not just Mummas)."

The Woolworths and Coles SIM card offers

The Woolies Mobile month-to-month SIM plan has no lock-in contract, with customers having three plans to choose from.

They range from $25 to $45 a month, depending on data amounts and other benefits. However all plans offer shoppers 10 per cent off groceries once a month.

While Coles has two plans for $35 and $45 a month (currently at $17 and $22 for the first month).

Their egift card also offers 10 per cent off a customer's largest shop each month for the first six months.

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