Simple Woolworths hack could change how you shop

Supermarket giant Woolworths has shared a little-known hack to help customers find out the stock levels of products they're looking for.

With a little help from TikTok and supermarket worker-turned-viral star Liam Kirley, Woolies revealed that it's possible for shoppers to find out if a product is available before heading to the store to do a shop.

"If you want to make sure your store has a product in stock, you can check on our website in the app if you set it to your store location," Kirley explains in the clip. "These stock levels are updated every two hours."

Woolworths stock check website page; Hands pushing empty trolley in supermarket
Woolworths has shared a handy way to check stock levels before going to the store, so shoppers won't be caught out when they get there. Source: TikTok/Getty

Woolies TikTok humour

While the tip in itself was pretty straightforward, it was the injection of humour and Kirley's comedic timing that sold an otherwise run-of-the-mill 22-second clip.

Captioned: "It's simple! Also be a safe trolley driver," the video starts off with Kirley pushing a trolley before crashing into another "shopper" with his cart.

"Oh my gosh, are you ok? Fender bender... It's ok, I know first aid," the TikTok star joked before sharing the tip.

"Um, let's be professional. Let's be adults here. I'll give you my insurance details," he said.

Woolworths, which launched its official TikTok page in September last year, took on then-staffer Kirley, who shot to fame after his in-store videos went viral.

Sydney-based Kirley now works in the company as a Marketing Team Content Coordinator based in Baulkham Hills and now boasts over 225,000 followers on his personal TikTok account since becoming the face of Woolies' viral videos.

Self-serve checkout hacks

Among Kirley's videos that have gone viral is a recent second post about tips on using self-serve checkouts, which has amassed over 2.1 million views since it was posted on September 26.

Some of the tips shared involved the little-known fact that customers can roll a small trolley into the self-serve checkout bay, and that many machines use new camera technology to identify what kind of produce is put on the scale, among others.

"So glad you guys do these. It's funny, thank you," someone commented in one of Woolworths' viral TikTok videos.

Since joining the platform in September 2021, Woolworths has gained nearly 137,000 followers.

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