Domino's slammed for 'disgusting' find on pizza base: 'This is unacceptable'

The Valentine's Day pizza delivery received little love from the customers.

One Domino's pizza was delivered with a side of disgust and disappointment after an unwelcome ingredient was spotted on its base.

A mother and daughter in Perth planned to celebrate Valentine's Day together on Tuesday and ordered a Hawaiian pizza from their local store in Rockingham. As they began to eat the pizza they quickly noticed something wasn't quite right with their delivery.

"It smells damp and tastes absolutely disgusting," the customer said.

The mouldy Domino's pizza.
The mother and daughter were shocked to find their Domino's pizza was covered in mould along its base. Source: Facebook / WA Incident Alerts

After eating several bites, the pair flipped the pizza and were shocked to find 'mould' spotted all along its base.

Domino's respond to mouldy pizza complaint

They immediately phoned the store to complain and Domino's allegedly sent another pizza their way without hesitation.

However, further disappointment ensued after they encountered the exact same problem when the second pizza was delivered with mould on it. The customers claim the delivery driver told them the base was "just burnt" – but they weren't convinced.

They took to social media to warn fellow Rockingham locals of the incident and Domino's decided to write a public apology when the post received backlash.

"Rest assured, we take matters of food safety and cleanliness extremely seriously," Domino's wrote.

They continued by saying an investigation was underway into the incident with several different departments on the case.

"We are currently conducting a thorough investigation into this issue at the local Rockingham store in collaboration with Domino’s Operations Management and Food Safety Teams," they wrote.

People remained unhappy despite Domino's holding their hands up, scorning the company for serving food that could pose risk to the customer's health.

"This is unacceptable," one comment said.

"Dicing with people’s health is not to be taken lightly. Report to local food safety officer," another wrote.

According to the comment section, other customers of the Rockingham store have had similar unpleasant experiences.

"I was sick after having pizza there the other day, maybe this was why," one woman shared.

"We have ordered from here a few times. The only time it did turn up I got what I suspected was food poisoning, and ended up in the ED on fluids," another said.

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