Sydney man's $16 sandwich slammed: 'Rip-off'

Aussies are continually shocked by the rising prices of everyday items including this sandwich from a Sydney café

Would you pay $16 for a sandwich at a Sydney café?

A man did just that and seemed to regret his purchase when sharing a photo of the sandwich on Reddit, and asking people what they thought.

He said he purchased the sandwich on Monday afternoon in the World Square shopping district in Sydney's CBD district. The picture shows the sandwich in question — an unidentifiable filing squashed between two slices of thin, brown bread. It was unaccompanied by anything else on the plate.

The $16 sandwich cut in the middle. Half is being held by the buyer and the other is lying on a blue plate.
A Sydneysider asked others what they thought of his $16 sandwich. Source: Reddit/ incredibletowitness and Google Maps

The post quickly caught the attention of many people who struggled to understand why the sandwich was so expensive.

"Does it come with the plate and glass?" questioned one user. "Bin chicken would turn his nose up at that," joked another.

Customers stunned by the price of chips

The incident unfortunately doesn't stand alone. City dwellers who choose to buy their lunch on-the-go are finding snack prices are on the rise thanks to rising fresh food costs and increasing rents.

A TikTok video shows another unimpressed customer questioning the $6.30 price tag for a standard 165g bag of chips at the supermarket. The video racked up hundreds of comments, with one saying "even on-sale prices [are] now higher than regular prices from four months ago".

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths, introduced price freeze programs mid-last year in attempt to combat the rising cost of living for Aussie households, however, the Woolworths program has now expired.

Coles have confirmed that they will continue to cap their prices on hundreds of items but Aussies have been warned to brace themselves for more price increases in the coming months.

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