'Blood everywhere': Dog is rescued after owner bragged about beating

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A terrier who was removed from a home where it was believed he was beaten with a colander has undergone an amazing transformation.

Max, a terrier cross, was found cowering near a bloodied axe and a colander nursing severe injuries at what is now his former home in North Yorkshire, England last year, the RSPCA said.

Investigators went to Max’s home after people at a pub called them. The RSPCA said it was tipped off one of Max’s owners was overhead bragging in a pub that the little dog had been beaten and there was “blood everywhere”.

Max, a terrier, pictured bloodied and beaten.
Max the terrier when rescued after being abused by his former owner. Source: RSPCA

Max was taken away to have his injuries attended to. He was found with burns and wounds.

“He was taken into RSPCA care and after treating his injuries staff worked with Max to rebuild his shattered confidence and give him the veterinary care and kindness that he desperately needed and deserved,” RSPCA said.

Dog's amazing transformation

Eighteen months on from Max’s abuse, James Taylor saw an ad for the little dog and took him in during the UK’s lockdown.

“Looking at Max now you would not know the trauma he has been through,” Mr Taylor said.

“He really has bounced back, he is such a resilient and chirpy little dog. The cheekiest and most loving character you could meet.”

Mr Taylor added Max spends his days playing with toys and snuggling up on the couch with him.

Max the terrier is pictured.
Max the terrier after recovering from his injuries.

The RSPCA UK said it has 1,532 calls to its emergency line last year regarding animal cruelty.

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA Chief Inspectorate Officer, said it’s “incredibly worrying” animal cruelty still remains at a high level.

“The scale of this issue is disturbing and the level of cruelty our officers are seeing on the frontline everyday goes up in the summertime,” he said.

The RSPCA has launched its Cancel Out Cruelty campaign in order to help animals like Max. People can donate to fund the RSPCA for items including food, to vans used to transport sick and injured animals.

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