Divisive parking move infuriates Aussie mum: 'Back off'

A young mum explains why she can never get a parking spot in the shopping centre spaces allocated for parents with prams.

A mum has shared just how "infuriated" she is after constantly seeing people without children parking in car spaces allocated to parents with prams.

Young Melbourne woman Jessi Abass said she had just got a pram park at a big shopping centre and was "shocked" to see the person in the spot before was a "young tradie man" without children.

"If you're one of those people who park in the pram park spaces, why?" she asked online. "I can never get a park as a parent with a pram and a small child in one of these. Back off."

Left image of Jessi talking to camera. Right image of pram parks with signage.
Aussie mum calls out 'infuriating' parking move: 'back off. Source: TikTok/Getty

Many say it is a common problem in car parks

Hundreds responded to her post, with many others sharing how often they find people without children in these car spaces.

"My boomer mum does this. Her excuse is 'They didn't have it when I had kids'. Like ok mum, we don't have housing or free uni but we don't steal it," one exclaimed. "More often than not it’s two-door utes in the ones in our local shopping mall," a second claimed.

Jessi and others did add there was a notable exception to this though. "I use parent parking when all the disability spots are taken," one person added with others agreeing. "That is absolutely expected! We need more disabled parks I reckon based off this comment section! Seems there’s never enough!!" Jessi responded.

Pram car parks aren't enforceable under the law

Unlike car parks for those with a disability, parents with pram car spaces are not enforceable under the law in each state and territory and generally are considered a "courtesy" offered by the private owners of the car parks.

"While car park management could ask someone without a pram or infant to vacate the space, it's not enforceable by law," according to the NRMA.

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