Mum shocked to find furious note left on her car in pram parking spot

The mum was shocked to find the note on her window – but a witness claims it may have been moved from an offending car.

A bewildered mother has shared a furious note she found on the windscreen of her car after parking – with her baby – in an allocated pram spot.

Returning to her car in Launceston, Tasmania the mum found the note scrawled on the back of a child’s drawing.

“Next time you want to park somewhere don’t park in a parents with prams only spot,” the letter read. “Lifting a capsule with a baby over my head to get in my car is not acceptable. “PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE.”

A woman holds up an angry note that was left on her car.
The mum was shocked to find the note on her window – but another motorist explained it may have been moved from another car. Source: Facebook

Stumped, the woman turned to social media in hope the note writer would see.

“Came back to my car… with my baby…. In my pram…. Had this super lovely note left on my windscreen,” she wrote.

“Girl, you ripped up your kids drawing to write on the back of it, for this?”

She added the child’s name was even left on the paper. “Really didn’t think their actions through with this one,” she said.

The post was flooded with comments supporting the mum.

“Writer just “assuming” you didn’t have a child with a pram.

"You did nothing wrong,” one wrote.

“Hope they see this and feel stupid,” another said.

“I’m sorry that happened to you. I wonder how we who came before coped with no such allocated parking! People get so upset about the small things these days,” a third wrote.

But another woman who had parked nearby revealed the note may not have been intended for the mum.

“I definitely saw that note on a ute that was parked there next to you... I was parked in the middle and saw it when I came out,” she said.

“So maybe the driver of the ute was a young douche bag and moved it to your car?"

A stock image showing empty parents with pram spaces.
Parents with pram spaces are not enforced by law. Source: Getty/File

What the law says about parent spaces

According to the NRMA, "parents with prams" car spaces are provided by the owners of parking lots as a courtesy and unlike disabled parking spots, are not enforced by law.

"For the system to work it requires people to do the right thing and only park there if they have small children and prams to unload," the NRMA’s website says, stating that it all comes down to common courtesy.

"It is reasonable that parents with children, as well as senior drivers, need ease of access more than regular drivers. Heavily pregnant women could also fall into this category, which the law does not define (although private car parks may have guidelines for their premises)."

The NRMA also revealed that one in five parents admit to using a "parents with prams" spot even when their child is no longer in a pram or not with them.

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