Disturbing find in dog's stomach after he refused to eat

Four pieces of a common, everyday clothing item have been discovered inside a dog's stomach after it became weak and refused to eat.

Canobolas Family Pet Hospital, in Orange in NSW's Central West, posted on Facebook seven-year-old black labrador Monty was rushed to the vet after his owners noticed he was ill.

Dr Lauren Slater then determined the dog was weak, had pale gums, black stools and a large abdomen.

According to the Facebook post, blood tests showed the dog was anaemic and low in protein, meaning he was losing blood.

Monty the black Labrador on a lead.
Monty is recovering after his surgery. Source: Facebook/Canobolas Family Pet Hospital

The next day vets attempted to determine where the bleeding was coming from but did not find any tumours in the abdominal region.

Monty was then tested for ulcers, intestinal tumours or any partial or complete obstructions of the gut and gave Monty an endoscope to investigate his stomach further.

"Monty was given an anaesthetic to allow the camera to pass into his stomach where we saw a large black object that when we tried to take a sample seemed to unravel," the veterinarian clinic wrote on Facebook.

"This confirmed for us that we were dealing with a foreign body in the stomach.

"The next morning Monty went in for surgery where we found not one, not two, not three, but FOUR SOCKS in his stomach."

An X-ray of the dog's stomach after he ingested four socks.
Vets discovered four socks in the stomach of a labrador. Source: Facebook/Canobolas Family Pet Hospital

Dog suffering chronic irritation after eating socks

The vet said the dog was suffering from chronic irritation and bleeding in the stomach as a result of ingesting the socks.

Other pet owners said they had similar experiences with their Labradors.

"My Lab Troy needed the same surgery when he was nine months old for the same reason," one said.

"I'm not allowed to tell him to put a sock in it anymore."

"Only a Lab," another commented.

"Pick up your clothing," a third warned.

According to the vet clinic's post, Labradors have a love of chewing, playing and eating things they shouldn't.

It added Monty was on the mend following the ordeal.

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