Distressing video shows wallabies hurling themselves at fence

Shocking video has emerged showing dozens of wild wallabies violently hurling themselves at full force into a chained fence.

The fence was put up in Trinity Beach in Cairns to stop the animals from crossing a busy highway to nearby sporting fields.

But activists say the fence is doing more harm than good.

“The fence is supposed to keep the wallabies out but it really isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Instead what it’s doing is the wallabies are getting caught in there,” Cairns Coastal Wallaby Protection Society founder Patty Villegas said.

Wallabies violently throw themselves at a fence in Trinity Beach. Source: 7 News

The distressing video has caused outcry among activists who have been lobbying the state government to have the wallabies relocated.

“We need to put one-way gates on these fences. Secondly, we would like support and would like to go with the relocation of these animals to a suitable place,” Ms Villegas said.

Cairns Coastal Wallaby Protection Society founder Patty Villegas. Source: 7 News

A proposal has been put forward by the Agile Project, aimed at relocating the wallabies, but they have been rejected. Activists are now considering taking the matter to court.

“There’s experts across Australia who are well-versed in the field of successful relocations and very much prepared to head to court,” the Agile Project’s Belinda Lees said.