'JOKE': Detail in NSW Covid graph has residents fuming

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A detail in a NSW Health graph being used to encourage people to get vaccinated has left many people enraged.

The health department on Monday tweeted the graph showing a breakdown of locally-acquired cases by age group over the past seven days.

“Use the Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker to book your vaccination appointment,” NSW Health tweeted.

However, people pointed out something problematic about the graph and the message from NSW Health: The graph depicts the age group with the most locally-acquired cases of Covid-19 over the past week as people aged 20-29, second was 10-19 and third was 30-39.

A pedestrian moves past a closed shop front along High Street in Penrith in Sydney, Australia.
A Penrith resident enjoys a stroll on Monday. Source: Getty Images

People in these age groups have had the most trouble obtaining vaccines due to the sluggish rollout and a lack of priority. Many have resorted to pop-up clinics to obtain AstraZeneca jabs, which is not the preferred vaccine option for their age group – Pfizer is.

The detail on the graph did not go unnoticed by people on Twitter.

“Yet people between the age of 20-29 can’t get the Pfizer?” one woman tweeted.

“I’m 27 and I still am not eligible to get the vaccine, and that is the biggest age group to get sick in the last few weeks. Joke.”

Another woman tweeted the “graph is backwards” suggesting more needs to be done to protect those under 40 while another added it’s a “stark reminder” to get people under 60 vaccinated “ASAP”.

“It’s a lot of children and there’s no vaccines for kids,” another woman tweeted.

Anger over 'messed up' Covid ad

Government messaging around Covid-19 vaccinations has led to furore before.

An ad which aired last month featuring a young woman, terrified and struggling to breathe also had people furious with calls to have it taken down.

Australia's Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly told reporters the health department wanted to get a message across.

"We are only doing this because of the situation in Sydney and it will be running in Sydney," Professor Kelly said.

"The messages will be clear: stay at home, get tested and booked in for a vaccination.

"It is quite graphic and it is meant to be graphic, it is meant to really push that message home."

Some people suggested “it would probably help” if the woman in the ad, who appears to be younger than 40, would in real life have access to a vaccination.

Others called it a “disgrace” and “messed up”.

Sydney man, 27, dies from Covid-19

Young people are not just getting sick from the virus either. They are also dying.

Last week, Sydney man Aude Alaskar died from Covid-19. He was only 27.

Professor Greg Dore, an infectious diseases doctor with St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, told The Guardian the current wave facing NSW is “an epidemic of younger people”.

“That’s partly due to the higher impact of higher vaccine coverage in older populations, and that’s certainly also the experience of the UK as well,” Professor Dore told the publication.

It is also worth noting that no one in the ICU in NSW has had two doses of any coronavirus vaccine.

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