Delivery driver's 'disgusting' act caught on doorbell camera

The residents watched as the scenario played out in front of them and admitted they were 'furious'.

A mum was horrified after catching a delivery driver urinating on her property, before using his "dirty hands" to leave a note to say her package had been delivered.

Lydia Davis and her husband Clarke were stunned when they spotted the unusual activity on their Ring doorbell camera last weekend, with the mum of two admitting they were "furious".

Camera footage shows the man ringing the doorbell of their home bouncing from foot to foot as he waits for someone to answer. When no one does, he places the parcel on the ground in front of the door then turns around and appears to relieve himself against the brick wall. The delivery man then appears to post a note through the door.

UK delivery man on camera.
The delivery man appears to turn around and urinate on the wall before leaving the parcel and walking off. Source: JamPress

Mum watched on in horror

The mum of two young children watched the entire scenario play out on the camera in front of her. "Initially I was staring, looking to see what he was doing, and when I realised he was urinating on the wall I was angry," the 32-year-old said.

"Then the fact that he had his dirty hands touch and post our package made me even more angry. Our little ones walk and play out the front sometimes so to have someone wee there is out of order and disgusting".

"Part of me thinks 'Oh it’s only just weeing on our wall and then later on it rained, and it’s gone'. But it was just the cheek of it more than anything," she added.

"Clarke saw it first and was furious – especially because it wasn’t long ago that we paid to have the driveway done".

Company apologises, launches investigation

The couple, from Bristol in the UK, raised the issue with the delivery company Yodel who said a "full investigation" would be carried out.

"I’ll make sure this is raised with the depot and it will be feedback to the driver to avoid this being repeated [sic]," a representative told the couple. The company says it "takes conduct very seriously".

"This clearly does not meet the high standards we expect of all our drivers," they said in a statement. "We are in contact with Mr and Mrs Davis to apologise and arrange for the area to be cleaned. We are carrying out a full investigation and will be taking appropriate action."

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