Coles delivery driver's 'disgusting' decision near doctor's surgery

A furious witness has urged the supermarket to 'do better'.

A Coles driver has caused a stir in a Melbourne suburb after the delivery truck was photographed parked in a disabled bay outside a doctor's surgery.

The image, snapped by a bystander on Monday morning, shows the supermarket's truck stopped in the disabled space on a residential street, supposedly without a permit, with the move being branded "disgusting" by people on the Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame Facebook group.

According to the poster, who shared the photo on Wednesday, a "poor person" was waiting to use the spot to attend his appointment at the nearby Deepdene Surgery, which is located behind the truck on the corner of Pretoria Street. It's not known how long the truck was there. The street is partly residential and the driver was not in the vehicle.

Coles delivery truck parked on Melbourne street.
The Coles delivery truck was spotted parked in a disabled parking spot in Melbourne. Source: Facebook

Coles urged to 'do better'

"How long has Coles and 'Nicole' had disabled parking?" the man questioned in his post, referring to the name of the vehicle. The post prompted others to share their outrage. "Coles this is disgusting," one person exclaimed. Another urged the supermarket to "do better" in the comments.

Fines for parking illegally in a disabled parking bay

In the photo, a sign is clearly visible in front of the parked truck which states the space is a "mail zone" between 4.30 and 5.30pm. All other times, the space is designated for vehicles with valid parking permits.

A Coles spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News it is investigating the incident. "All Coles Online delivery drivers undergo extensive training, and we ensure they know that the standard road rules apply - including where to park when delivering groceries," a spokesperson said.

“We are working to investigate this incident and will provide further education where needed to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

In Victoria, drivers caught parked in a disabled parking bay without a valid disability parking permit will face an infringement notice of $182. It's unclear whether the truck had an exemption to park in the spot that's not visible in the image. Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for comment.

Last year People with Disability Australia CEO Sebastian Zagarella told Yahoo News Australia it was important for Australians to respect disabled parking bays and the area around them to ensure they're fully accessible. And disability advocates previously shared the hidden danger outside supermarkets.

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