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'I'm not moving': Coles delivery driver's 'disgraceful' parking job

The driver of a Coles delivery truck has been blasted for an alleged illegal park while unloading some groceries.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the truck on St Kilda Road in Melbourne on Saturday, claiming he had parked in a bus zone across from his delivery address.

The driver of the supermarket’s Evonne truck was apparently nearly struck by oncoming cars as well while walking the groceries trolley across the road.

In a fiery complaint to the retailer, the witness claimed they asked the driver to move out of the bus zone.

“His response was ‘not really’, so I told him I would report him. He said, ‘That’s fine, I don't care, I'm not moving the truck’,” the witness wrote on Facebook.

Two photos of Coles truck, Evonne.
The driver of this Coles truck has been slammed for their parking. Source: Facebook

“So road rules and now parking rules don't apply to your drivers?”

Photos from the scene showed the truck had pulled up on the side of the road next to a sign indicating the bay was a bus zone.

The zone in front of the truck however was a four-hour public parking spot. It was not clear if there was another vehicle occupying that spot at the time.

“What a disgrace... there was plenty of parking five metres up the road,” the witness claimed, adding the driver could have created a significant inconvenience if a bus pulled up.

“What a bunch of cowboy delivery drivers you employ. It’s about time you started cleaning this stuff up.”

Coles ‘sorry to see’ bad parking

While a Coles employee said they were “sorry to see this”, others were less sympathetic and urged the witness to mind their own business.

“And this inconvenienced you how? Driver is just trying to get groceries to customers. Now they have to deal with people harassing them as well?” one person said.

They argued that unless there was a bus prevented from stopping, it was “really not worth worrying about”.

Another shopper implored the witness to “stop whining and find something to do”.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said investigations were being undertaken to “learn more” about the matter.

“Our Coles Online Customer Service Agents (CSA) park in the closest, safest location to deliver grocery orders to our customers,” the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“We were concerned to see this feedback and have reached out to learn more. We will also be following up with the CSA.

“Customers have the option to provide delivery instructions for our CSAs if they live on a busy road or if their property is hard to locate, this helps keep our CSAs safe and ensures deliveries arrive on time.”

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