Coles slammed for driver's controversial act – and it comes with a $500 fine

People online have unleashed after the pictures emerged online.

Outrage has erupted in a tight-knit Western Australian community after a Coles delivery truck was photographed parked in a disabled spot without the correct permit.

The images, snapped in the Perth suburb of Canning Vale, appear to show the Coles truck parked in the spot at 8.30am on Monday. The person sharing the image said the truck was parked outside a daycare centre. It is not known how long the truck was parked in the space.

According to the state's driving laws, to be eligible for a disabled permit a driver must be unable to walk and require the use of a wheelchair, or live with severely restricted movement, suffer from a mental condition or disability, or be declared legally blind.

No such permit is present in the pictures. In Western Australia, drivers caught unlawfully parking in a disabled spot can attract fines of up to $500.

Frustrated locals have implored Coles to
Frustrated locals have implored Coles to "do better". Source: Facebook.

Frustrated observers took to social media to voice their concerns. "Do better Coles," one person said. "These people have no moral conscience," said another. "Maybe they were delivering food to the centre and only there for a few minutes... not a good excuse though," another said.

The truck showed no visible disabled parking permit. Source: Facebook.
The truck showed no visible disabled parking permit. Source: Facebook.

It's unclear whether the truck had an exemption to park in the spot that's not visible in the images. Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for comment.

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