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Why this driver has been criticised for parking near a disabled spot

A woman has vented her frustration at a driver who allegedly parked their car in a space that isn’t a parking spot and blocked access for someone with a disabled permit.

The woman shared a photo to a Facebook group which is dedicated to calling out people who park in disabled parking bays without a valid permit.

“Sadly a very common sight,” the woman wrote on Facebook.

The photo shows the lines for the parallel disabled parking bay and a car which has parked next to the disabled bay, front-to-kerb.

Picture of the car which is parked next to a disabled parking spot, which would prohibit access for someone who needs the disabled parking bay.
A woman has called out a driver for parking next to a disabled parking spot. Source: Getty Images / Facebook.

The woman accused the driver of potentially blocking access for someone who needs it.

According to the Facebook post, the photo was taken in Laverton, Western Australia, a small town with a population of about 300 in the east of the state.

The woman alleges there is no enforcement in the town for those who block access to disabled parking.

“Multiple times a week there’s someone like this totally blocking access to the ONLY disabled bay outside the hotel/fast food shop,” the post says.

“Where this car is parked is a turning bay, not for parking but obvious as there’s no bays painted on.”

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Laverton Shire for comment on the alleged parking infringement.

People uncertain due to no signs

Many people challenged the woman on how people, especially visitors, would know not to park in the spot if there are no signs.

“Well it’s not real obvious how they are to park,” one person said.

The woman replied saying it was more obvious in person, and there are three parking bays next to the disabled spot.

Another woman suggested as there was no signage to indicate the spot was actually a turning bay, the person was able to park there.

“So they can park there [and] I could still park in the disabled bay.”

However, some people agreed the drivers park was inconsiderate.

“Block them in,” one person jokingly commented.

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