Shocked mother confronts postie 'urinating off her verandah'

A NSW postie is under investigation after a mother claims she opened the front door to find the driver urinating off her verandah while delivering her package.

Ben Skinner said his wife Catherine heard a knock on the door of their Central Coast home, but was delayed in getting to the door because the noise set off the dog, which woke up their sleeping toddler.

By the time the Narara woman reached the door, she was confronted by the sight of the postal service worker relieving himself off her verandah into bushes below.

A NSW postie is under investigation after a woman claims she opened the front door to find the driver urinating off her verandah while delivering her package. Source: Australia Post / Facebook

“Lets just say they were both shocked and embarrassed,” Mr Skinner wrote on the Australia Post Facebook page on June 26.

“Then he tried to get her to sign for it with wee on his hands and his fly half down!!

“I’m just glad the box was the only parcel he dropped off.”

Australia Post responded to the comment, posting a gif of a woman with her jaw dropping in shock, followed by an apology.

“That’s actually unbelievable,” the Australia Post response read.

“I’m so sorry and embarrassed that the driver would choose to do something like that. We’ll need to chase this up with delivery management right away.”

In an official statement on Sunday, Australia Post confirmed to Yahoo7 it was investigating the incident.

“This behaviour is unacceptable and we apologise for any distress caused to our customer,” an Australia Post spokesperson said.

“We have reinforced our required standards with the driver and will take necessary action.”

Mr Skinner’s complaint was one of hundreds left on the Australia Post Facebook page, with multiple reports of missing or delayed mail across the country each day.

Multiple customers have taken to social media to report their package has been sent to the wrong state. Some have complained about packages taking weeks to arrive or them not arriving at all.

Last week one man from WA claimed he paid $106 to ensure a gift arrived in Cairns in a matter of days. But he said the package was tracked as being sent to NSW, then back to WA, delaying its estimated arrival by one to two weeks and missing the event he paid premium to arrive by.

Similarly, a Melbourne customer reported he had been notified his parcel had arrived in the city, before being sent on to Perth.

In both instances, an Australia Post admin asked the customer to send them a direct message with more details and promised to chase up the parcel.