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Dan Andrews praised for 'huge' move in 'Australian first'

Daniel Andrews’ promise to roll out 1,500 machines offering free period products in public spaces if he’s re-elected has been praised online.

The Victorian premier announced the new initiative in a Facebook post on Saturday morning. “This will be an Australian first. It’s a small thing — but it will make a huge difference,” he said.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews speaks to media during the 2022 Victorian state election campaign in Melbourne, Saturday. Source: AAP
Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews' announcement on Saturday morning has been met with great applause. Source: AAP (AAPIMAGE)

However, numerous Aussie woman were quick to assure Mr Andrews that the proposed plan was not “small”, and could make a “huge difference” for many. “That is wonderful. This should have been provided years ago but better late than never. This will stop that 'embarrassing moment' of having to ask someone for a period product when caught out,” one woman said.

“Amazing! I work as a TAFE teacher, and this would be sooo useful for our students,” another added. “Fantastic! I've been asking my public workplace to do this for a couple of years,” someone else wrote.

“Thank you for this important initiative, this will make a huge difference to so many people. Sanitary products are unaffordable for many, this will help,” Animal Justice Party Candidate Bronwyn Currie said.

How will the period product initiative work?

While the Andrews Labor Government is already providing free pads and tampons at public schools, the $23 million plan would see dispensers installed at 700 other locations such as libraries, trains stations, courts and public hospitals around the state.

“Pads and tampons aren't a luxury, they're a necessity — and women should be able to get them wherever they are. We're making them more readily available, and we're saving women money, too,” Mr Andrews said in a press release.

“Having access to pads and tampons during mensuration is about providing basic dignity. It breaks down the taboo and shame of periods and provides women with cost of living relief.”

Mr Andrews is vying to win a third consecutive state election on November 26.

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