Dad-of-three eaten alive by crocodile while fishing

WARNING - DISTURBING CONTENT: The horrifying moment a father-of-three was eaten alive by a crocodile has been caught on camera as his shocked friends watched on helplessly.

Farmhand Marvin Susa, 36, a Filipino national, had been fishing with seven of his friends at the Pegagau Farm area of Semporna City in Sabah, Malaysia, on the afternoon of January 29.

As they cast their lines into the water, Marvin felt his fishing hook catch on something in the estuary.

Marvin Susa poses for a selfie (left). Right: Fishing rods and gumboots lie on the bank of the river where Marvin was taken by a crocodile
Marvin Susa had been fishing with friends when he was suddenly taken by a crocodile. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

He grabbed a piece of wood and bent down from the bank to get closer to the surface to free the line – only for the croc to lunge and pounce on his leg.

The stunned group had no time to react when the beast dragged their friend into the depths, disappearing under the foreboding ripples.

Graphic footage shows how the fearsome predator held Marvin's limp body in its jaws, thrashing it around before retreating to the bottom of the river.

Rescue teams search for the body of the father-of-three who was eaten alive by a crocodile.
Rescue teams stand on the bank of the river where the father-of-three was taken. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

"The victim and his colleagues were fishing at the mouth of the river. The terrible incident occurred when the victim was about to take a fishing hook that felt like it was stuck at the bottom of the estuary," Superintendent Mohd Farhan Lee Abdullah from Semporna Regional Police Chief said.

"The victim's colleagues could not save him. It happened very quickly."

A crocodile pulls the body of a man underneath the water
The father's body resurfaced before being pulled underwater again by the crocodile. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

A search and rescue operation was launched on the same afternoon, with rescue teams spotting the crocodile floating with the hapless worker's body. However, they could not retrieve the corpse as the reptile was quick to flee.

Officials were still searching for the body and the killer crocodile two days later.

Supt Farhan added a warning for both locals and visitors.

"The public should be careful when carrying out activities in the river or sea. Stay away from areas that are home to crocodiles. Do not go into the water, or go too close to the riverbanks."

- Viral Press/Australscope

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