What a croc! Latest sighting off Queensland island not what it seems

The desperate search continues for a three metre crocodile spotted off Brisbane earlier this week after rangers poured cold water on the latest suspected sighting.

It’s been two days since a kayaking group raised the alarm on North Stradbroke Island, sparking the Department of Environment and Science to launch a full investigation into the sighting it described as “extremely unusual” given croc country is 600 kilometres north.

Today a suspected sighting was caught on camera as dozens of people lined the beach, hoping for a glimpse of the creature that had brought the island to a standstill.

The sea creature.
Video footage captured on Friday revealed suspicious sea creatures off North Stradbroke Island. Source: Facebook/Department of Environment and Science

“Video evidence of the Straddie croc,” local Mitch Long wrote on Facebook. “Had to bail from work to check it out.”

In his footage, a mysterious body can be seen poking out of the water close to the shore. As the crowd cheers, the man explains that the water temperature is at 28 degrees.

“He’s on the move,” Mr Long says just before the rangers rock up.

Parents fear for children’s safety

More than 600 people have since commented on the video with opinions divided.

“[It’s] definitely a croc,” one person wrote. “Wow, that’s where my kids jump off the jetty,” another said.

“No one will be swimming here for a while,” someone else added.

But not everyone was sold.

“20 years of fishing in the Northern Territory, that does not look like how a croc sits and moves in the water at all,” one user said. “Crocs swim with their nose high,” wrote another.

While many were quick to suggest an alternative for the creature from the deep.

“[It] looks more like a dugong to me,” someone said. “100 percent a dugong,” another added.

People watching the sea creature (left) and the rangers (right).
Dozens of people were spotted watching on as the creature, later confirmed to be a dugong, swam close to shore. Source: Facebook

Rangers confirm creature's identity

Rangers and wildlife officers have since received footage taken this morning and confirmed that “it shows a dugong in shallow waters on the eastern side of the island”.

In a statement, the Department of Environment and Science says it is continuing to investigate crocodile sighting reports and is urging people to stay away from beaches between Amity Point and Dunwich.

Any crocodile confirmed to be present on the island will be targeted for removal from the wild.

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