Incredible moment crocodile brings back body of drowned boy

The crocodile was filmed carrying the boy's body on its head in a river in Borneo.

Extraordinary footage has surfaced of a crocodile carrying the dead body of a missing four-year-old boy towards rescuers in Indonesia.

It’s believed Mihammad Ziyad Wijaya had drowned after going missing two days earlier near the Jawa Estuary on the island of Borneo, as reported by Newsweek. Search teams had been scouring the waters for the boy but had so far had no luck.

The child’s family later reported seeing a crocodile carrying a human body. It turned out to be the missing four-year-old.

The crocodile with the four-year-old's body on his head in the Mahakam River in Borneo.
The crocodile was spotted carrying the four-year-old's body on his head through the Mahakam River in Borneo. Source: Twitter

In astonishing footage posted to Twitter, the 10-foot-long crocodile can be seen carrying the intact body of the little boy above his head while swimming along the Mahakam River on Friday.

It’s believed the croc swam about 1.6 kilometres towards fisherman before dropping the boy off by their boat. The two men were then filmed pulling the child’s body on board while the crocodile disappeared beneath the surface of the water.

No signs the crocodile killed the boy

Local media outlets reported there were no bite marks on the boy.

“Nothing is missing, everything is intact,” Melkanius Kotta, from the East Kalimantan Search and Rescue Agency, told journalists, as reported by Newsweek.

“We think the crocodile actually aided in the search for the victim.”

While it’s not known how Muhammad died, it’s believed he fell into the river while playing.

Rivers known as croc habitats

Rivers throughout the East Kalimantan province in Borneo are well-known crocodile habitats.

In 2021, an eight-year-old boy was swallowed whole by a giant six-metre crocodile. He and his little brother had been swimming in the river when the child was attacked. A graphic video later showed rescuers pulling the boy’s intact body out of the crocodile’s stomach.

Mihammad Ziyad Wijaya holding a baby (left) and the fisherman pulling the boy's body out of the water.
The child has been named as Mihammad Ziyad Wijaya after his body was pulled out of the water by fisherman in Borneo. Source: CEN

While in 2018, a human leg and arm were found inside the belly of a huge crocodile suspected of mauling a man to death in Borneo.

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