Aussie man teases crocodile in viral video: 'Playing with his life'

Many claimed the Aussie man was lucky to escape unharmed.

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An Australian man has diced with death as he filmed himself teasing a crocodile in a video that has since gone viral.

In a video posted to TikTok account @kduncan69, a man is visiting a creek for a relaxing fish at Wujal Wujal Falls in Queensland.

He can be heard saying in the video, "It's a nice day", before zooming in on something in the water he describes as a "weird f***ing log".

Upon closer inspection, it appears he is referring to a small croc minding its own business on the bed of the creek.

A red circle around a crocodile sitting in the water (left) before it launches at a fisherman (right).
The man teases the crocodile with his fishing rod before it launches at him. Source: TikTok/@kduncan69

The man, who is holding a fishing rod, then starts teasing the croc with his bait, bobbing it up and down near the reptile's head.

The crocodile then launches at the man and runs out of the water as the man screams and scrambles across the rocks away from the deadly animal.

People on TikTok were shocked by the man's ballsy behaviour, with one saying he was "playing with his life".

"Sees danger, pokes danger," one commented on the video.

"Screaming for his life," another said.

"Don't start nothing there wouldn't be nothing," a third added.

Others said the man was fortunate to not have been injured.

"You’re lucky he was a small fella," one said.

"All it would have taken was one misstep," a TikToker wrote.

"That could've ended worse," another comment read.

When someone asked why the man would think to torment the croc, the fisherman said: "Honestly I don't know what went through my head."

It comes after a crocodile tour operator warned more crocs may follow after a potential sighting of a reptile at North Stradbroke Island, 30 kilometres southeast of Brisbane.

If the sighting is confirmed it would be one of the most southern sightings of a crocodile in Australia.

A group of kayakers say they spotted a three-metre crocodile at Myora Springs on the island on Wednesday. Rangers from Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science are conducting a full-scale search, involving vessel-based crews and a drone, in a bid to confirm the sighting.

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