Dad makes dangerous discovery in Kmart play set: 'Worrying'

A Victorian father has made a “concerning” discovery inside a children’s play set from Kmart.

Abdullah Tan, 30, was about to hand his two-year-old daughter some moulding dough when he spotted something odd inside the container.

Wedged into the red dough was a sharp metal blade.

"At first I thought it was a piece of scrap, and then when I looked at it and realised it was a blade I was like wow, this could have turned a whole different way," Mr Tan told 9News.

“Playing around with a blade (as) a two-year-old, that's pretty concerning.”

Abdullah Tan holds a tub of Kmart play dough with a blade lodged in it.
Mr Tan found a sharp blade lodged inside the red dough from Kmart. Source: 9News

Mr Tan had purchased the $10 Anko-branded Dough Pro Toolbox, which includes tubs of dough along with stencils and dough cutters.

Since reporting the dangerous find to Kmart, the product has been removed from their website and paused from sale.

Mr Tan has been offered a refund for the item but he says the “worrying” incident will change how he buys toys in the future.

“I think from now on we'll be more cautious when we're buying toys for my daughter,” he said.

Kmart told 9News they were taking the report “extremely seriously”.

“At Kmart, the safety of our customers and team is our number one priority,” a spokesperson said.

"Given the location of the blade inside a sealed container, it appears to have been an issue in manufacturing, and we are urgently following up with our supplier.

“We have sold this product for many years and can confirm there has been no other similar reports from customers and no report of injuries.”

Kmart teething toy recalled over choking fears

Meanwhile, a popular Kmart teething toy has been recalled over fears a part could come lose and become and choking hazard.

The Anko teething llama has been recalled over fears the foot could become a choking hazard. Source: Product Safety Australia

The Anko teething llama has a cap that is sealed on one of the feet, but Product Safety Australia warns it “may not be secure and could detach from the teether”.

“If the cap detaches from the teether, it can pose a choking hazard for young children, which can lead to severe injury or death,” the recall notice says.

Anyone who purchased the item should immediately dispose of it or return it to any Kmart store for a full refund.

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