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Customer's incredible $390,000 'tip' after 72yo Domino's worker's 'rough fall'

The 72-year-old no longer has to deliver pizzas following a generous online response to her misfortune.

An elderly Domino's worker who tumbled during a routine pizza delivery has had an incredible change of fortune after video of her fall was shared online.

Barbara Gillespie, 72, had her hands full as she attempted to deliver one family's order earlier this month. She tripped on a small step leading up to the front door and fell onto a chair spilling her delivery as she went down.

The moment was captured on the family's security camera, which showed homeowner Kevin Keighron rush to her side and ask if she was hurt, but Ms Gillespie apologised for dropping the order despite struggling get back onto her feet.

"I ruined your food," she said.

Family determined to offer Domino's worker 'a tip'

Kevin's wife Lacey decided to upload the video to TikTok and started a GoFundMe page to offer the Domino's worker some compensation after the "rough fall" on their front porch in Charleston, South Carolina.

After both the video and fundraising efforts ignited a mass of interest, the couple and two of their five children decided to pay Ms Gillespie a visit at the Domino's store, unbeknown to the elderly worker.

The elderly Domino's worker hugs Lacey after she shared the news.
The elderly Domino's worker was shocked by the family's surprise visit to the store and was visibly emotional after they shared the news. Source: TikTok / momofthe5ks

The family gifted the 72-year-old flowers and chocolate, before breaking the news of the online fundraising activity and sharing that A$72,000 had already been raised on the GoFundMe page in the short period of time since she fell.

Now with over $390,000 raised on the GoFundMe page, and the family pledging to not take a single cent of the money, the elderly worker has finally been able to hang up her Domino's cap and bid farewell to working.

"Guys!!! Barbara put in her 2 week notice at work yesterday!!! She’s officially retiring! So excited for her," Lacey shared in a Facebook post.

The experience hit close to home for Lacey after she shared with local media that her elderly father worked for most of his life before passing away to cancer last year.

Social media used for good

Despite the phenomenal response and their fundraising target being well and truly smashed by strangers wishing the best for Ms Gillespie, the donations keep rolling in.

"I donated last night. It feels so good to be part of something so special and helping out those in need. Thank you for doing this for her," one woman wrote on TikTok.

Family of seven pose with actor dressed as Snow White.
The family of seven have felt the loss of Lacey's father who passed away in May last year from oesophageal cancer. Source: Facebook / Lacey Keighron

Domino's told Good Morning America the elderly worker is a "beloved member" of their team and shared that she was recently awarded with Team Member of the Year in 2022.

"I almost gave up on people because so many people out there today are so mean. And here we got loving, caring people. They care about someone else… about an elderly woman," Ms Gillespie told GMA.

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